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"White Label" partnership

We are ready to discuss an exclusive "White Label" partnership.

We will tailor the system to your needs, provide full support and implement all services, while you sell the system under your own brand!


We can enhance your devices with our capabilities

Every year, Poland introduces 13,000 new properties into operation, with an even larger number of existing systems in need of modernization. We can assist you in taking access control to a new level and unlocking additional revenue opportunities!


Elevate elevator security and user experience. Attract more customers, differentiate your products, and enhance passenger safety.


Transform intercoms into advanced access control systems. Stand out in the market, expand your customer base, and offer secure access management.


Enhance barrier systems with advanced access control. Enter new markets, broaden your product range, and increase revenue.


Augment utility system security and efficiency. Meet the demand for integrated solutions, improving product functionality and market presence.

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