Reader NB-IoT V1

Already connected to the cloud, could be used without controller.

Close-up of the Reader NB-IoT V1 device, showcasing its compact design and connectivity ports.

Effortless and secure solution with Direct Cloud Connectivity

The Keyalike Reader NB-IoT V1 is a self-sufficient device offering direct cloud connectivity without the need for an external controller. This reader represents a breakthrough in access control technology, enabling real-time data access and device management from anywhere.

Back view schematic of the Reader NB-IoT V1, illustrating the arrangement of connectivity ports, mounting areas, and additional circuit pathways, highlighting the practical design features.
Front view schematic of the Reader NB-IoT V1 showing detailed circuitry, component placements, and connection points, emphasizing the board's complex electronic layout.


Reader NB-IoT V1

Protection Class

Not applicable

Dimensions (mm)


Weight (kg)


Powered by Replaceable Battery (V)

Not applicable

Powered by Power Supply (V)


Temperature Range

-20°C to +85°C

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Reader V1 access device featuring a soft-touch black surface with a striking neon green LED ring, illustrating its modern design.

Reader V1

Used with external controller to connect to the cloud.

Lightning-fast unlocking.

Intrusion detection.

Unauthorized access detection.

Entry/exit tracking.

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